marinaio teatro

Marca MarinaioWe are looking for a theatre language that whispers under the skin, in order to give voice and form to the unknown inside us. We use our body and voice in a poetic, non-conventional way, both as a source of inspiration and as a tool for creation. We wish to transform ideas into concrete actions and to affect with physical sensations rather than words. Through a universe of images, sounds and sensations, we travel the speactator to unvisited lands, with a dynamic narration, that is neither linear, nor descriptive, but progresses with leaps of associations, offering him the space to create his own stories.
Our line of work is based on what we call “oniric theatre“.
This refers to a type of theatre based on images, which are directed to the unconscious and subconscious processes of the mind of the spectator. The images work in such a way that the real meaning of the theatre piece lie on the associations and unconscious connections that occur in the mind of the spectator in the here and now of the performance, in some way analogous to dream interpretation in psychoanalysis. We plant the seeds in the imagination of the spectator for him to montage in his mind the performance. In this way, the spectator becomes an active part of the performance, the final contributor of its dramaturgy. The final result of the piece is found individually in each spectator allowing, a wide freedom of interpretations.

marinaio teatro
was founded in Berlin in 2010 by Christina Kyriazidi and it concentrates on actor’s research and training, on creation of performances and street actions and on international collaborations.

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