Christina Kyriazidi is a Greek theatre maker based in Berlin.

She has studied Acting (BA) and Playwriting (MA) in Greece and the UK (University of Exeter). She has performed as an actor in Greece, Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, Ireland, Brazil and Argentina.

She lived and trained with El Baldio Teatro (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2005-2006). She participated in the 14th ISTA (INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF THEATRE ANTHROPOLOGY, Grotowski Center, 2005), in the Gardzienice Theatre Summer Residency (Poland, 2007), in the art residency GENERATION of the BrandNewProject (Ireland, 2010) and in the Intensive Summer School of Commedia dell’Arte of Teatro Punto (France, 2011). She has taken workshops, among others with Thomas Richards, Rodrigo Garcia, Gennadi Bugdanov, Yoshi Oida, Masaki Iwana, Yumiko Yoshioka.

She participated as a dancer-performer in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Athens 2004, and as an actor in the performances “Ur-Hamlet” (Italy, Denmark 2006, Poland 2009) and “The Marriage of Medea” (Denmark 2008) of Odin Teatret, directed by Eugenio Barba.

She has created 13 solo performances presented in Greece, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil and Argentina and several short performances presented in performance events and festivals in Berlin. She also took part as an actor in different collaboration projects.

She works as an actor, director, researcher, writer and theatre coach in Berlin.

In 2010, she founded in Berlin the theatre company Marinaio Teatro and a year later the International Theatre Festival: KNOTS exchange meeting of theatre groups.

She has given workshops as a theatre educator for adolescents in Germany, Argentina and Brazil, and in 2013, she founded in Berlin, the L A B [Laboratory Actors Berlin], a platform of training, research and creation for young actors.

As a writer, she has written several plays, poems, and short stories in Greek, English, Spanish and French, she has staged the plays “ΜΙΛΑ” (SPEAK UP) (Entropia Theatre, Athens 2004), “ΑΝΑΠΝΟΕΣ” (BREATHINGS) (Greek National Theatre – Research Scene, Athens 2004) and was awarded by the Greek National Union of Writers for her play “ΦΘΙΝΟΠΩΡΙΝΗ ΣΥΝΑΝΤΗΣΗ” (AUTUMN MEETING) (2002). Her play “FOREST UNDER THE SEA” (2013) won the Brasilian Price “FUNARTE – Ministério da Cultural do Brasil” and it was produced and presented in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil in 2015 and toured in Brazil in 2016. Her play “LA VIE EN BRONZE” was presented in the “FTF #6; Festival du Théâtre Francophone” in Berlin in 2016. Her last play “Les Muêts” (THE MUTES) was selected as one of the 5 european plays to participate to the “PIIGS Festival 2016 – Dramaturgia Sobre la Crisi” in Barcelona.

In 2016, she developed the initiative STORY FOR FOOD, an alternative economy model that treats stories as a new kind of currency.

She speaks Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian and she plays the accordion.


Academic Education
> 2005; Master in Playwriting and Script Development; University of Exeter, UK
> 2003; Bachelor in Acting; ARHI Drama School, Athens, Greece

Further Education
> 2015; The Actor and his Doing with Thommas Richards; Berlin, Germany
> 2014; Residency RODRIGO GARCIA at Malta Festival 2014; Poznan, Poland
> 2011; Commedia dell’Arte Summer Intensive school with Teatro Punto; France
> 2010; Physical Theatre with Matej Matejka; Grotowski Institute; Poland
> 2009; Butoh Dance with Yumiko Yoshioka; Dock11, Berlin
> 2008; Chant Polyglotte with Deborah Bookbinder; Marseille
> 2008; Butoh Dance with Yuko Kaseki; ADA studio, Berlin
> 2008; participation in the chorus VOIX POLYPHONIQUES of Brigitte Cirla; Marseille
> 2007-2009; Corporal Mime; Mime Centrum, Berlin
> 2007; Biomecanics with Gennadi Bugdanov; Microteatro, Centro Internazionale Studi di Biomeccanica Teatrale; Perugia, Italy
> 2007; Clown Techniques with Ze Rezino; TheaterHaus Mitte, Berlin
> 2003; Acting with Yoshi Oida; Athens, Greece
> 2002; Butoh Dance with Masaki Iwana; Creta, Greece

> 2016; Citizen Artist Incubator; Vienna, Austria
> 2010; Residency GENERATION of the BrandNewProject; Dublin, Ireland
> 2007; Gardzienice Theatre Summer Residency; Lublin, Poland
> 2006; El Baldio Teatro; Buenos Aires, Argentina

> PATRICK E(S)T MOI (2014-2015)

2014; PATRICK E(S)T MOI, Les mythes correspondent à leur époque, dédié à Patrick Dewaere; Creation: Christina Kyriazidi; Presentations: Festival du Théâtre Francophone, FTF #5, ACUD Theater (Berlin, May 2014), Hoftheater Kreuzberg (Berlin, June 2014), KiNO Berlin (Berlin, July & August 2014), Théâtre de Verre (Paris, September 2014), Théâtre d’Aire Falguière (Paris, September 2014), TWINS (Berlin, April 2015), Casa XIS (Salvador, Brasil, July 2015), Café da Walter (Salvador, Brasil, July 2015)

> ORIGINS (2010-2012)
2012; ORIGINS; Creation: Christina Kyriazidi; Presentations: KNOTS theatre festival, Roderich Filmkunst (Berlin, May 2011), T.I.R. InMovimiento theatre festival (Torino, June 2011), TheaterSpiel Raum Bethanien (Berlin, November 2011), Magfest festival (Torino, November 2011), ACUD-15 Jahren des ACUD Theaters Festival (Berlin, December 2011), TATWERK (Berlin, March, August 2012), SOLO FERTEIS festival (Brasilia, Brazil, September 2012), Grupo IN.Teatro (Bs.As. Argentina, November 2012), Sala Cuarta Pared (San Pedro, Argentina, November 2012), Festival LA CORDURA DEL COPETE (Bs.As. Argentina, December 2012), Festival de la VISPERA (El Baldio Teatro, Bs.As. Argentina, December 2012), KNOTS International Theatre Festival (San Pedro, Argentina, January 2013), MIMOTEATRO Escobar-Lerchundi (Bs.As. Argentina, Febrero 2013)

> NOmadS (2011)
2011; NOmadS; Creation: Christina Kyriazidi; Presentations: international exhibition NOMADIC SETTLERS- SETTLED NOMADS, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/BETHANIEN (Berlin, July2011), TheaterSpiel Raum Bethanien (Berlin, October 2011)

> 2047 sec (2010)
2010; 2047 sec; Creation: Christina Kyriazidi; Presentations: PLOT in SITU festival, ACUD theater; Berlin (March 2010)

trilogy Las desesperadas (2009)
> 2009; ONE DESPERATE SONG; Creation: Christina Kyriazidi; Presentations: ACUD theater, Berlin (May 2009)
> 2009; ONE DESPERATE MEMORY; Creation: Christina Kyriazidi; Presentations: ACUD theater, Berlin (September 2009)
> 2009; ONE DESPERATE WOMAN; Creation: Christina Kyriazidi; Presentations: itinerant performance in collaboration with the Art Residency HOTEL 25 and the Neofarius Orchestra; International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women; Berlin (25 November 2009)

4-logie of Exile (2004-2008)
> 2004; MILA (speak up); Dramaturgy and Direction: Christina Kyriazidi; Music: Giorgos Koumaradios; Presentations: ENTROPIA Theatre Festival, Athens (March 2004)
> 2004; Α-ΝΑ-ΠΝΟΕΣ (breathings); Dramaturgy and Direction: Christina Kyriazidi; Piano: Giorgos Koumaradios; Presentations: Research Scene, Greek National Theatre, Athens (June 2004)
> 2007; SONGS OF SMALL EXILES; Dramaturgy and Direction: Christina Kyriazidi; Music: Giorgos Koumaradios, Sanghoon Kim; Presentations: TheaterHaus Mitte, Brotfabrik, Berlin (August 2007)
> 2008; eX-patri-POLIS; Dramaturgy and Direction: Christina Kyriazidi; Music: Giorgos Koumaradios, Sanghoon Kim, Flor Castillo; Presentations: DAKI LING, Marseille (April 2008), theatre ALIZE, festival d’Avignon OFF (July 2008)

> 2017; LA VIE EN BRONZE, marinaio teatro; Dramaturgy and direction: Christina Kyriazidi; Actors: Alejandro Niklison, Vasillis Liaskovitis, Daniela Marcozzi; Animations: Vanessa Rodegher; Masques: Pierre Filliez; Presentations: Festival du Théâtre Francophone FTF#7, ACUD Theater (Berlin, October 2017)
> 2017; 16 STORIES TOWARDS ME, marinaio teatro; Dramaturgy and performance: Leonel Henckes; Direction: Christina Kyriazidi; Presentations: HAUS project (Berlin, January 2017), Theaterhaus Mitte (Berlin, January 2017)
> 2016; ELEFANTINHO, marinaio teatro; Conception, dramaturgy, performance: Daniela Marcozzi, Christina Kyriazidi; Illustrations: Malgorzata Zmyslowska; Presentation: 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival (Berlin, June 2016)
> 2015 -2016; FLORESTA DEBAIXO DO MAR | FOREST UNDER THE SEA, marinaio teatro; Dramaturgy: Christina Kyriazidi; Direction: Paula Lice; Actors: Leonel Henckes, Christina Kyriazidi; Presentation: Espaço Cultural da Barroquinha (Salvador de BA / Brasil, October 2015); Brazilian tour (Juazeiro, Valença, Guanambi, March-May 2016); Award: FUNARTE, Ministério da Cultural do Brasil
> 2014; The Stranger & other odrinary tales, marinaio teatro; Dramaturgy: Christina Kyriazidi; Direction: Leonel Henckes, Christina Kyriazidi; Actors: Leonel Henckes, Lars Brunken, Christina Kyriazidi, Alejandro Niklison, Ambra Elefante, Igor Studart, Ismael Martinez, Lara Meroni, Yekaterina Bezdetnaya; Presentation: ACUD Theater, Hoftheater Kreuzberg (Berlin, February 2014)
> 2012; MEMORIES OF A PASSANGER, marinaio teatro; Actors: Christina Kyriazidi, Ian Belinchon; Presentation: TheaterSpiel Raum (Berlin, May 2012)
> 2011; Das lied des seemanns, marinaio teatro; Direction: Christina Kyriazidi; Actors: Melanie Doyon, Christina Kyriazidi; Presentation: KNOTS theatre festival (Berlin, May 2011)
> 2010; Impossible Love; Collective creation: Oliver Marshall, Hilary Williams, Christina Kyriazidi, Deirdre Roycroft, Noelia Ruiz; Art Residency: GENERATION of the BrandNewProject; Presentations: Bealtaine Festival, Dublin (May 2010)
> 2009; POLIS: the invisible part of my city; Dramaturgy and direction: Christina Kyriazidi; Video creations: Marcio Carvalho; Music: Valentin Butt; Presentations: 100 grad festival, Sophiensaele, Berlin (February 2009)
> 2009; NOW/HERE; Direction: Oliver Pollak; Presentations: 100 grad festival, Haus 1, Berlin (February 2009)
> 2008; The Marriage of Medea; Dramaturgy and Direction: Eugenio Barba; Presentations: Transit Festival in Holstebro, Denmark (June 2008)
> 2006-2009; Ur-Hamlet; Direction: Eugenio Barba; Presentations: Ravenna Festival, Italy; Helsinor Sommer Festival, Denmark; Grotowski Institute Festival, Poland (July-August 2006, June 2009)
> 2004; Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Athens 2004
Participation as dancer/physical performer

> 2016; LAB / Laboratory Actors Berlin; Physical Dramaturgy and Organicity in the Work of the Actor; Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin (October – December 2016)
> 2016; Greek Tragedy: the Chorus as a Political Body; Juageiro, Guanambi, Valença, Brazil (March – May 2016)
> 2015; LAB / Laboratory Actors Berlin; CREATION INTENSIVE / PHYSICAL POETRY for Actors; Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin (January – March 2015)
> 2014; LAB / Laboratory Actors Berlin; ABSURD theatre workshop based on the “Bald Soprano” of Ionesco; Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin (March – June 2014)
> 2013; LAB / Laboratory Actors Berlin; Physical, vocal and creation training for actors; Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin (January – June 2013)
> 2012; Creation Tools for Actors; Sala IN.Teatro, Bs.As. Argentina (October 2012), Sala Cuarta Pared, San Pedro, Argentina (November 2012)
> 2012; The Dramaturgy of the Actor; TATWERK, Berlin (May 2012)
> 2012; Theater LAB; TheaterSpiel Raum Bethanien, Berlin (February – March 2012)
> 2011; Theater Atelier: Physical and Vocal Training and Creation Tools for Actors; TheaterSpiel Raum Bethanien, Berlin (September – December 2011)
> 2010; Solo Performance; Spazio Uno, Berlin (September – December 2010)

> 2010; Intensive Actor’s Training; Spazio Uno, Berlin (November 2010)
> 2010; The Dramaturgy of the Actor; Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin (August 2010)

> 2016; LES MUETS (THE MUTES); “PIIGS Festival – Dramaturgia Sobre la Crisi” Barcelona, Spain (July 2016)
> 2016; LA VIE EN BRONZE; FTF#6 – Festival du Theatre Francophone; Berlin (May 2016); FTF#7 – Festival du Theatre Francophone; Berlin (October 2017)
> 2015 – 2016; FLORESTA DEBAIXO DO MAR (FOREST UNDER THE SEA); award Prêmio FUNARTE de Teatro Myriam Muniz; Teatro da Barroquinha, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil (October 2015, March – May 2016)
> 2004; ΑΝΑΠΝΟΕΣ (BREATHINGS); Greek National Theatre – Research Scene, Athens, Greece (June 2004)
>2004; ΜΙΛΑ (SPEAK UP); Entropia Theatre, Athens, Greece (March 2004)
>2002; ΦΘΙΝΟΠΩΡΙΝΗ ΣΥΝΑΝΤΗΣΗ (AUTUMN MEETING); award of the Greek National Union of Writers

> 2017; Cinnamon Kisses; poetry music solo by and with Christina Kyriazidi (accordion, loops, effects, poetry)
> 2012; VAIVEN; music band with Ian Belinchon (guitar), Christina Kyriazidi (vocals)

In 2010, Christina Kyriazidi founded in Berlin the international theatre group Marinaio Teatro. She is also the founder of the International Theatre Festival KNOTS: exchange meeting of theatre groups (Berlin 2011) and the artistic director of L A B (Laboratory Actors Berlin). In 2016, she developed the initiative STORY FOR FOOD, an alternative economy model that treats stories as a new kind of currency.

Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian.