art statement

My name is Christina Kyriazidi and I am a theatre maker.

I have worked, mainly as an actress and playwright/dramaturge, in different parts of the world: Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Argentina, Brazil etc.

I have also given workshops as a theatre educator for adolescents in Germany, Argentina and Brazil, and in 2013, I founded in Berlin, the L A B [Laboratory Actors Berlin], a platform of training, research and creation for young actors.

I believe in the potentiality of art as a life-changing tool and I defend art as a political instrument. If art is the catalyst of the socio-political health of a society, then the artist should abandon the personal space of his ego and opt for “creativity for impact”, with the aim to stimulate a positive social influence.

I support the “art for life’s sake” and I aspire to define a new role for the artist today. My vision includes to contribute to the widening of the artist’s responsibilities and to further sensitise socio-politically the artist’s office, especially that of the theatre maker.